To retreat is to withdraw to a quiet, secluded place, change one’s attitude, or move back from a threat. Sometimes the world outside can feel like a war and to possess that sacred space where we can withdraw into quiet, safety and seclusion helps us maintain our equilibrium and strengthens our foundation so it remains solid and secure. 

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There is probably no other room in the house that holds that potential more than our bedroom. It’s the place we let go, allow or defenses to come down and find peace. It’s a place of re-connection. Sleep, our main activity (or inactivity) rejuvenates us. Keeping this space hallowed and maintaining the atmosphere of calm has become more and more important as life accelerates and many spend additional hours at home.

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What contributes the most to that feel; sacred, silent, secluded? Foremost is the energy. That may feel ethereal and non-specific, but the energy is quite real and it accumulates. Where there is love, that energy dominates. Where there is anxiety and fighting, that energy dominates. Where peaceful and caring activities are carried out, peace permeates the atmosphere.

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There are also more tangible things that draw from deep within us; the peace and the calm creates an environment of retreat.

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What to avoid?
Bringing our work into this space. This includes having our office in our bedroom
Loud colors, including bright paint and overstimulating wallpaper
Non-adjustable, glaring, overhead lighting

What to include?
Fresh flower
Soft, muted colors
Candles, sconces and diffused lighting, along with adequate lighting to read
Layers of soft, organic bedding, textiles and fabrics
A mattress that is supportive and comfortable
Special things that you love and allow your mind to calm down

You’ll notice I left out meditation. While meditation is the essence of quiet and calm, the energy created through meditation can become very powerful. For some this is relaxing but often the sheer power of this energy is too strong for easing into sleep. That becomes a personal choice.

To retreat is to be safe and held in the arms of love. That can be your bedroom when you bring the energy, beauty and love all together in that sacred space.

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