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Growing up, my family moved every year because my father’s job was opening up new sales territories. As a result, I never felt grounded in a physical home. As an adult, I purchased and renovated many homes. Despite all the moving, there was always this dream of settling in and feeling grounded.

With each move and with each design project, I tried to perfect a certain style; mid-century modern, arts and crafts, contemporary, Spanish, beach cottage and a few that were a mix of things. In the end I realized that it wasn’t about achieving that level of design perfection. It was realizing the unique expression that authentically represents me.

For my current home I made a conscious decision that this was going to be a home that reflected me, that was inhabited by what I loved and that made me feel wrapped in comfort, love, security and ease. That meant that thinking about re-sale or what friends would say or how perfect it was no longer were considered.

The result was far beyond what I had expected or hoped for. While my home may not win the latest design award or create awe in my friends, it is finally ‘home’ to me. It reflects who I am and what matters to me. What unfolded was a melding of cottage and farmhouse. To be surrounded by only things that I cherish, that make me smile, that allow me to remember what is loved and that add to the spirit and energy of the space is what created home.

I wanted that feeling to be experienced by others and so Cottage Core Home came into being. That is its sole purpose. May you be inspired to make your home a sacred space that completely expresses you.

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